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Button Update: One Week After Adoption!


As you guys may have read from my last blog post [here], I adopted a dog from the local animal shelter! This entire week I’ve been getting to know my precious Button…everyday her personality comes out more and more! I thought I would do a one week update to let you guys know how she’s been doing in her new environment.

Button has definitely gotten comfortable fairly quickly! She already sleeps with me every night, follows me everywhere, stays close while I’m watching TV or on the computer, and is such a good girl! Although she’s had a few potty accidents inside the house, she’s pretty much familiar with going outside to potty now. (Three days straight with no accidents so far! *knock on wood*) She’s extremely smart [she knows the kitchen is where the food is] and she doesn’t beg while I eat [just stares at me for a little with those puppy dog eyes, then lays down near me].

She’s also so good in the car and while I’m driving! She likes to lay right next to me in the seat [or sometimes move to the passenger seat if I have a bag of food there] and she stays quiet and calm the entire ride. I’ve taken her on several trips to the stores with me already too. She’s definitely still scared in public [she starts shaking], but she’s good at walking on the leash and just following me wherever I walk.

Unfortunately, Button does have separation anxiety. Although I love that she always wants to be around me and keep company, I literally cannot be out of her sight or she begins to cry. Joseph has told me when I leave for work she gets extremely sad for awhile until she finally goes back to bed. She also barks and cries constantly while we are gone, so she definitely has anxiety about that, although we’ve never left her alone more than 3-4 hours at a time. I will definitely have to work on the separation anxiety with her so she can hopefully be more comfortable and peaceful when we aren’t there!

Button is also the little guard dog at times! When new people enter my house, she begins to growl and somewhat bark. She is definitely protective of me with her 6 pound self 😂. She is afraid of most new people – she will be cautious and begin to shake at first. I haven’t seen her try and bite anyone yet, just growl and bark. It took her a couple days to get comfortable with Josh, and she’s still a little somewhat scared of him, haha.

She is always laying down and sleeping, such a lap dog! She will lay her on back so we can scratch her tummy. She will also make a bed out of the blankets on our bed and make herself comfortable as well. She lives for comfort!

I also purchased the cutest sofa bed for her! It’s a pink high quality sofa by Enchanted Home Pet that I ended up putting at the foot of my bed. She lays on there while I get ready in the morning and also uses it as a step stool to get onto my bed, haha. I highly recommend this pet bed, its perfect and extremely comfortable for dogs, check it out here. [Not sponsored by the way, I found this bed online while searching for pink pet beds!]

In a couple days she will be officially healed from her spay surgery [10 days almost up!] and I can finally get her groomed next weekend! She did have to wear a cone most of the week because she kept trying to lick her incision, but she’s doing fine now.

She also had her first vet exam last Saturday, and she did very well! She was a little impatient in the waiting room [well, we did have to wait almost an hour to get seen, even when I had an appointment] but in the exam room she did great. She was a little scared but very calm and she let them examine her and take her temperature. They said she had some tarter buildup on her teeth, so I purchased the Greenie’s dental treats to help clean her teeth and prevent more buildup.

As I mentioned in my last post, the shelter gave me a free bag of Science Diet food to get started with since that’s what they had been feeding her while she was there. She did not eat one bite of that food when I gave it to her! The kibbles were also huge, her poor little mouth could not have possibly ate that like normal dog food. I ended up getting her Blue Buffalo dog kibble, as well as the Blue Buffalo wet food. She loves that stuff!! I didn’t even bother to mix her food with the old food [as they say you should when transitioning to new food] because she wouldn’t even touch the Science Diet food whatsoever. It didn’t upset her stomach or anything, and she loves the Blue Buffalo [also healthy!], so I’m glad she’s eating and loves it.

I literally feel like I have a child 😂. I’m so obsessed with her [as you’ve probably seen from my Snapchat, haha] and I miss her whenever I’m not with her! She’s definitely the most well behaved dog I’ve ever had…she’s perfect! So glad I saved her from the shelter, and I know she is too. ❤️


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