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Button Was Groomed Today!

I know I’ve been posting nonstop about Button since I adopted her, but I’m just literally obsessed! Today was her first grooming appointment (well, since I became her mom), and I’m super impressed on how it came out! I just had to share and post these pics.

I had called on Tuesday to schedule her appointment for Saturday, since I would be available the entire day. I dropped her off at 12pm, and she was extremely scared and shaking. The pet salon was super adorable and the staff was friendly…mind you, I’ve never taken a dog to a groomers so I didn’t know what to expect. They asked me what kind of cut I wanted on her and I told them I wanted her face and legs still fluffy. I also requested for them to put light pink bows in her hair, you know, since pink is our favorite color. 🙂 I felt really bad leaving her there – I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable and more scared…but her grooming had to get done! Since I got her from the shelter, I have no idea when she was last groomed!

I caught up with vintage shopping at several stores while I waited for her to be done. They called me about 4 hours later and said she was ready to be picked up. That’s longer than I expected, but it was a Saturday and they had several dogs being groomed. When I arrived they handed Button to me and she was a whole new dog! She looked so cute and different in her new haircut, and she was also very happy and excited! The whole time I was worried about how she was feeling…but she ended up really liking the place and had a lot of fun. I can tell the people there are truly dog lovers and make their clients feel very comfortable!

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I asked how Button did and they said she did really good – she ended up greeting everyone who walked through the door! I was really impressed by the service there, and especially that Button liked it! They did an amazing job on her grooming and I will be taking her there next time too! For the first time taking my dog to the groomer it sure was an excellent experience! Thanks Posh Paws!


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