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Micala’s Story

micala’s story:

I was born on March 13, 1991 in Clovis, California by a Filipina mother and Mexican father. Growing up, my parents commuted long hours to their jobs, leaving my sister and I as latch key kids. I was raised to watch over my sister and made sure we arrived home safe after school each day. My parents had bought their first home in Delhi, CA, where we resided until I was 11 years old, afterwards moving to Atwater, CA.

I lived in Atwater until I was 20 years old, which is where I attended high school and met a couple of my closest friends. I never joined leadership or was ‘popular’ in school. I was actually very reserved and kept to myself. Many people had mistaken me as being ‘shy,’ but were unaware that I would rather not waste my time conversing with people I had no interest in. I was familiar with the artificial front kids at school would put up and would rather not associate myself with them. I took theatre classes in middle school and all four years of high school, disregarding all ‘shyness’ in me.

Theatre classes not only involved drama and acting; but also art, makeup, and movie knowledge. Since I was 11 years old I had high hopes of becoming a famous actress or author. I’ve always been creative and loved art and writing, so after that first theatre play I knew I had to continue the journey. I never pursued acting professionally, but I did participate in a few plays in school. I also took guitar classes and played the guitar my first couple years of high school. It’s always been in my blood to use entertainment in a prominent way.

After I graduated high school I attended Merced College for a year. During my second year of college my parents relocated to Tracy, CA but I chose to stay in Merced. I began working two jobs; at Kohl’s and as a Receptionist at an Animal Hospital to start paying the bills. Working all the time and going to school became unbearable, so I unfortunately dropped school and continued to work. These were the most difficult times of my life! I remember not having much money, I had to walk to work because I had no car, and I was extremely skinny because I rarely ate. I never wanted to spend extra money on food. I basically lived paycheck to paycheck and it was extremely strenuous. Learning how to live on your own at a young age with nobody to help you is an eye opener! I honestly wasn’t ready to live out on my own, but I got through with as much as I could.

After awhile I saved some money to buy my first car, which was a 1994 Mazda Miata, with my parents help. That feeling of having my first car was like no other feeling! I was so proud and content that I no longer had to walk to work anymore. I was so grateful for that car, and she never left me hanging for the 3 in a half years I had her after that. Things started getting better, but I still felt lost. Being in the small town of Merced/Atwater for so long really affected me, and I knew I had to get away from the town, the people there, and start my life over.

Deciding to quit my job at the animal hospital after two years and move to Tracy to live with my parents was the best decision I made. Living in Tracy opened me to many new opportunities. That’s where I began doing promotional modeling. Because Tracy was only 40 minutes from the bay area, I was able to work many promos for brands such as Stella Artois, Budweiser, BudLight, and more. I basically was a full time promo Brand Ambassador and loved promoting brands. By that time, I wanted more opportunity with other agencies, and to do so they needed ‘professional’ photos of me: AKA Modeling photos. I created a profile on Model Mayhem and reached out to professional photographers so I could begin to build my modeling portfolio. I never intended to be a model, it just happened. And as another way of entertainment like art, writing, and acting was, it was me.

I did quite a few photoshoots and continued to do promos for work. I eventually found Streetlow Magazine, and was asked to attend their 2013 Salinas car show, which is their biggest show of the year. That was my first car show ever, and that’s when everything took off. After the Salinas show, I remember logging on to Facebook and seeing hundreds of friend requests. Many people began messaging me, asking what car show I would be attending next. I went to almost every Streetlow show that year, and I even attended HIN Santa Clara 2013 as one of their official models.

Unfortunately, in mid-2013, my parents decided to get a divorce. My mom moved to San Jose to be near her job, and my dad decided to move to Modesto. My sister had a boyfriend at that time who lived in Merced, so she had moved there with him. I chose to move with my dad to Modesto, since there was nowhere else I could be. The divorce was really hard on my sister and I; our whole family would be completely split up, right when everything had been going smoothly. People may think because we were older when the divorce occurred, it would be easier, but honestly it’s not. Having your family for 21 years and then all of a sudden everything is different and split is a huge change.

I stayed with my dad for a couple months until I got my own place with my boyfriend and continued doing promos and Go-Go dancing. Promos eventually started slowing down, so I found a job in Modesto. I worked there for about 3 months until I found a secretary position at a wrecking yard where I currently still am for the past 3 years now. In 2014 I was transitioning into moving and dealing with life issues, so I didn’t undertake many modeling gigs that year.

In 2015 it really picked up for me – not only was I working full time, but I also created my lifestyle blog. I loved creating websites and finally found my calling in lifestyle blogging. I loved fashion and beauty, and was very intrigued by the art in photography, outfits, and reviewing products. That same year I also managed to take on more modeling gigs. I attended huge car shows almost every weekend along with many photoshoots. I was present at both HIN and Spocom as their official model, and networked with many great people. I was also asked to attend other shows like AM Nights, Shukai, and be Rep Your Roots official model.

These days, I’m very much more involved in my blog to the fullest. I love being creative in my posts – specifically with the photos. I take the scenery photos myself and I also edit the photos. It’s definitely hours and hours of work keeping up on a blog: coming up with ideas, setting up shoots, lighting, editing, research, and more! But I love every bit of it and I’m excited for the continued opportunities I have been receiving. I will continue to blog until my fingers fall off! Thank you for visiting and understanding my story. And if you are going through a hard time, remember to stay positive, because it will get better!