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Happy Birthday to My Sister! The Best Birthday Gift Surprise!

This post is a special birthday shoutout to my little seester, Sabrina! The brains and creator of the handcrafted candle/sugar scrub Etsy shop, Brivee Boutique!

I thought it would be fun to post about her 24th birthday this year because it was definitely one to remember! We were able to spend [one] of her entire birthday weekends together. Eating, opening gifts, cake, shopping, photos, Escape room, etc.!

We started off the weekend meeting her at the Escape room in Livermore. We had an hour to escape a room using puzzles, clues, and our brains! We had never done an escape room, so we were all pretty much clueless, but we were able to escape with 8 minutes to spare and with less than 5 clues used! I wasn’t good at that game, but it’s definitely fun when you think outside the box.


After the escape room, we met at my mom’s house and surprised my sister with birthday decorations and gifts!


We ate lunch [delicious street tacos made by my mom and DB], then afterwards spent time together and opened presents. My sister got a lot of great gifts, I even got her a customized Brivee Boutique mug in honor of her new online shop!



You see that gift with mermaid wrapping paper? Yup, that was one of her best birthday presents from me! To see what it is, here is the video of her opening it, WATCH HERE!





Did you watch the video to get her reaction?



Yup, I gifted her a vintage Louis Vuitton pochette accessoires!!! This particular one was made in 2002 and in excellent condition. No stains, rips, marks, or anything! My sister was literally 8 years old when it was made, and I feel this bag will hold a special place in her heart. It’s her very first Louis Vuitton anything, so she was very excited. I feel it’s the perfect starter bag for her! She wants to get the matching key pouch now! 😂


After she opened gifts we finally had cake [which I had been craving, haha]! Of course she had to have her Baskin Robbins log cake, which is a tradition she’s had since she was little.


The cake was delicious! Button wanted some too, haha.


After we ate cake, we played the What Do You Meme? game. It’s a lot like Cards Against Humanity but wayyyyy better! You have tons of photos of famous memes and you put a meme that matches the photo. Whoever gets the most winning memes wins! I almost won, I got second place. [Good job, Tony, ehhh. lol] I highly recommend the Meme game more than CAH. It’s so much more fun and come on, we all love memes!!!

Sabrina even got the best meme for this photo! What are the odds, since she’s the birthday girl!!!


The next day we went shopping in Livermore! We had a lot of fun shopping, since we’ve been wanting to do this together for the longest! We went to several stores and Tony got Sabrina some more gifts. We even got delicious Cinnabon. There was  also  a Quicksilver store closing, and everything was free! Sabrina saw some mannequins and immediately thought of me and went to claim one before anyone else did. She knows I’ve been wanting a mannequin for my fashion clothes and blog, so she even carried it around afterwards! What a sweet sister, always thinking of others!

We had such an amazing weekend, and I know my sister will always remember this one! Tony also got her tons of gifts, her coworkers decorated her desk and office with decor, cards and gifts, my dad sent her a wrapped Amazon gift that was on her wishlist, and my mom and DB still have her gift and coming and all they did for her birthday weekend! Sabrina still has this weekend for another birthday weekend too!

I’m so glad my sister grew up to be such an intelligent, beautiful sister! So sweet and perfect. Love you and Happy Birthday sees!!!! 🎈


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  1. Thank you Seester for everything!!!! You definitely made my birthday weekend! I love my purse!!!!!! omg

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