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A Dog’s Purpose New Year 2018!

Outfit Details: Pink long sleeved top, tie back thigh high boots 



Happy New Year to all my amazing readers on here! I wish everyone success, happiness, health, and love this year – make it the best one yet! 2017 flew by so incredibly quick…and it will only go faster as the days go by. The holidays are now over and it’s back to reality – but my birthday is coming up in two months, so there’s that to look forward to 😉.

It was a chill new years eve this year, I didn’t go anywhere! I couldn’t bear to be out dancing on new years eve while Button was at home waiting for me. So we just stayed in, comfy and happy, and watched a movie. Let me just say, A Dog’s Purpose is such a sad [but good] movie! It was so cute, even though I literally bawled my eyes out like 5 times 😂.

Button really enjoyed the movie, she could hear the dogs in the movie and just sat and watched the entire movie! At one point she even got closer to the TV to watch, haha!


At midnight, Button and I did the Kiss Cam on Snapchat: HAPPY NEW YEAR!


There were several fireworks going off for quite awhile, so Button was a little scared, but she did really well!


New Year’s day was also chill, had some Buffalo Wild Wings as my first meal of 2018 😂. And of course I had to take a pic with my signature pose and shirt dress!


I also want to congratulate my mom and DB for adopting their new baby Coco on New Year’s day! What a great start to the new year for them. My mom has been constantly looking to adopt a small dog, and the perfect one chose her on new year’s! Welcome to the family, Coco!


I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year! Let me know what you guys did, or if you were just as lazy as I was 😂.



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  1. Cute kiss cam w/button!

    Hi Coco!

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