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Micala Musings: How To Avoid Being A Grinch This Christmas

Wow, so it’s been basically a year since my last Micala Musings post….I had anticipated to post more of my musings throughout the year, but I guess nothing really caught my attention enough to post. Until today, of course!

With the Holidays here we should feel happy, right? We should feel merry, bright, and giving! But unfortunately, we sometimes forget that a lot of people out there may feel the complete opposite. My friend Josh brought this to my attention when he said he feels like the Grinch during the holidays. Like having a constant feeling that you have a high expectation to accomplish with ‘the perfect gift.’ Or worse: not having the funds to get your mom that new diamond necklace she really wants.

There’s also the feeling of wanting to be done Christmas shopping already or not being a good gift picker at all. Any one of these situations can put anyone in that Grinch mode! But don’t worry, I love the holidays, and you can make the best out of this holiday as well!


  1. Don’t Stress!

Don’t feed into the high expectations of gift giving that you think people anticipate. For all you know, they aren’t expecting anything at all except for their family to be happy! Just let each day go by and slowly you will figure out what you were meant to do.


2. You Don’t Need Tons of Money.

Christmas is the one holiday where you have tons of people to get gifts for. In that case, people aren’t expecting anything major. They know you have other people to buy for, so a small gift or card (if that) is what anyone is ever expecting. You don’t need much money if you buy everyone one small, cute gift. Especially if it has a special meaning behind it. There are lots of vintage/antique stores out there that have perfect gifts for everyone on your list! Great prices, one of a kind pieces, and special meanings for all of them!


3. Be Festive!

If you’re festive and involved, you will be happier during the holidays (even if you can’t buy gifts). If you participate in things like holiday decorating, you are considered festive and it will put you in the holiday spirit no matter what! If you’re just sitting on the side with a frown watching others wrap and decorate, then that’s definitely being a grinch!


Enjoy the holidays no matter what, because you don’t know when it will be your last holiday! Spend the time with family and friends, and make them smile with the heartwarming message you wrote in their Christmas card. 🙂


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  1. Sabrina Nicole says:

    Great advice 😉

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