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Three Dinners, One Holiday

Outfit Details: [On Me]: Pink Adidas zippered jacket [similar], Juicy Couture T-shirt [similar], Hollister high waisted shorts [similar], Steve Madden Meow Ballet Flats [On Button]: Pink Adidog Hoodie, Pink Rhinestone Bow Collar


I apologize for the lack of posts this month – it’s been so hectic with the Holidays coming up, Black Friday shopping, and the three Thanksgiving’s I attended this year!

My dad wanted my sister and I to come over for his Thanksgiving on the Sunday after, since that was his day off. So we decided to have my mom’s Thanksgiving on Saturday so it would be easier for my sister to stay the weekend since she was coming from the Bay Area. On Thursday [actual Thanksgiving day], Joseph and I headed over to his sister’s house to spend time with them. His mom made some bomb tamales and other delicious food. Button came along and did really well at their house too. Josh also stopped by for a bit to play Uno with them [I didn’t play, not a fan, haha.]

I had done some Black Friday Shopping online already since they had deals up early. The next day on actual Black Friday I went Black Friday vintage shopping [I would, right, haha] which had a lot of good deals and also went to Petco which had some amazing deals too. I definitely was not in the mood to head to any clothes or department stores and be involved in the craziness! I’m not a fan of shopping when there’s tons of people! Ugh!

On Saturday we headed to my moms house for her Thanksgiving. I just wore this vintage pink Adidas jacket [similar here], a pink Juicy Couture t-shirt [similar here], high waisted Hollister jeans [similar here], and my Steve Madden ballet flats for a cute casual look. I had Button match me in her pink Adidog hoodie! So cute!

My mom and DB had set up an amazing Thanksgiving feast! It wasn’t a typical Thanksgiving dinner – my mom had this whole Japanese theme going on. From the sushi, Japanese drinks, to even the dinnerware and chopsticks we all used! She did have some Filipino food thrown in there like pancit and lumpia, but everything was just delicious!

My mom is so cute for getting me pink chopsticks specially for me! She knew it would encourage me to use chopsticks while eating this dinner, haha. I believe they are training chop sticks for kids, but they were super cute and were short enough for my small hands!

Josh and Joseph were able to come to our dinner as well, so it’s good times with good people!


And here is Button, all ready for dinner, haha.

I always enjoy spending time at my moms, it’s always a lot of fun! Db made some amazing peanut butter cookies again [but with M&Ms this time] and of course it was just as delicious. He also made cheesecake! We had some great desserts!

We hung around the hot tub for over an hour talking and soaking our feet in the warm water, then afterward went inside to watch a movie. The day went by really fast, but we had a lot of fun with them.

I want to thank my mom and DB for all the hard work they did on the dinner. It was truly creative, superb, and delicious. I’m so inspired by how they set everything up so cool. Thank you guys for everything you do, it’s definitely appreciated! [I think next year is a Medieval theme, we decided? Costumes and all? haha 😉 ]


My sister stayed the night at my house since we would be heading to my dads house the next morning since I only live about 15 minutes away from him. We planned to get up early, but ended up going to bed at 3am just talking and laughing! I love spending time with my sister since it’s so rare that we do, and I cherish every moment! We woke up around 9am, got ready, then headed to my dads house. We had planned to make the Filipino soup Sinigang for our Thanksgiving, so we went grocery shopping for all the supplies with him.

Sabrina did a great job setting everything up and cooking Sinigang. It was delicious! We spent precious time with our dad and caught up with him. Joseph even came by a little later to spend time with us too. We took our dad to Petsmart because Sabrina needed litter, and she saved so much money because she didn’t know about price matching from their own website. So tip for you guys: if you’re purchasing something in store at Petsmart or Petco, make sure you check their website and price match the item! Most of the stuff is 50% off listed on their website!

By the way, I matched with Button again at my dad’s Thanksgiving, haha. Button’s wearing the black Adidog hoodie, and I’m wearing a dark blue Adidas jacket with black Adidas leggings from Macy’s.


We had a great evening spending time with our dad. He had to get up early the next morning, so we left around 9pm and my sister came back to my house for a little. Josh made her coffee so she could be awake for her drive home. Then she left 😭 I always feel sad when my sister leaves!

Overall, I had an amazing Thanksgiving(s)! It’s always nice to spend time with my loved ones and I’m so thankful for all of them in my life!

I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving as well. Next up, Christmas !!! 🎄


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