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Happy National Consignment Day!



Today marks the first ever National Consignment Day with The RealReal! As you guys may know from several previous posts, I’ve been so big on consignment stores for the past year and a half! I’ve purchased several pre-loved luxury bags and clothes [see my tips on how to purchase pre-loved here], and also in home decor too [view my vintage home post and see how to furnish your house for less here], so of course I had to be a part of this new national day!

I never thought I would be one to purchase ‘pre-loved’ items, but once I started it became addicting! There are so many treasures you can find that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Most recently I’ve become obsessed with vintage decor shopping [see why I fell in love here], and of course I’ve already been obsessed with consignment stores for luxury items because their amazing deals.

Not only is consignment saving you money, it’s also sustainable. Unfortunately, fashion makes the top 5 list of one of the most polluting industries. Through resale, billions of pounds of textile will be saved from landfills. Just like this reusable Baggu bag and grocery bags, using it will help with recycling. Thanks to the RealReal for allowing me to help present this issue and support National Consignment day with this Baggu bag!

As much as we love fashion, it’s important to help our environment in any way possible! So consignment is the perfect route to go. So reuse those clothes, bags, and furniture [just like I am here with my Speedy bag, and wearing overall shorts my mom handed down to me]!! Luxury items are so well made, they can last forever, so these are the best items to purchase pre-loved. You can also consign and sell them later for that moolah!

So start consigning now to gain that extra holiday spending money! The Real Real is one out of many great platforms you can use to consign your items or purchase amazing pre-loved luxury items, so check them out here and see ways to join the #NeverThrowAway movement to do your part!

90% off luxury consignment

*Thanks to the RealReal for sending me the Baggu bag! Links are affiliate links. All opinions and experiences are my own! I’m all for helping the environment while loving fashion. 


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  1. CLARA says:

    LVOE this post! consignment is really the best way to go i feel too.can’t go wrong with a louis bag half off retail price! thnx , cute pix too!

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