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Summerfest 2017

Summerfest is a large outdoor concert held every year at the fairgrounds in Turlock, CA by Kwin Radio station. This year’s performances were Cierra Ramirez, Myles Parrish, Kyle, Marc E Bassy, Mozzy, SobxRbe, Goldlink, Ayo & Teo, Jazz Cartier, Show Banga, Tashan Stewart, and Symba. I’ve never been to Summerfest before, but when I saw Cierra Ramirez (from The Fosters) on the lineup this year, I knew I definitely had to go! I just posted last week about The Fosters being my show of the moment, so it was exciting to see that she would be performing!

I have been longing to meet her, so thankfully I was able to score meet and greet tickets through the radio station! They told me we would have to be there at 2:30 for the meet and greet (show didn’t start until 5pm), so my friend Josh and I got there and saw a line of about 30 people for the meet and greets for Cierra and Myles Parrish. There was also a separate line with people waiting to get inside, since the concert was first come first serve.

Josh and I hadn’t ate all day, and we had been waiting about 30 minutes already. The Myles meet and greet group had went inside, so Josh and I decided to take our chances to leave and get some food real quick. We got back just in time to eat for a little until the Cierra group was about to go in. They gave us our meet and greet lanyard passes and we all went in to the booth Cierra was at.

She was super gorgeous, dressed in all black for her set. Josh and I were near the end of the line, and when it was my turn of course my phone froze and wouldn’t open the camera! Finally it opened and we took a couple photos. Cierra said I was really pretty!! 😍 I also asked if she could do a Snapchat video on my phone (then literally shaking trying to open up my Snapchat app, lmao) which was pretty awesome (view it here), and I screenshot the video because they were super cute selfies haha.


I also made it onto her Instagram story! (@cierraramirez) so I was super excited about that!!


Not only is she gorgeous and talented, she was so sweet and I can tell she has such a loving heart! Josh thinks she’s gorgeous as well, and got so starstruck meeting her that he didn’t end up taking a photo with her on his phone, just from the photographer they had there. So we gotta find out where this photographer is posting his photos so we can get Josh’s pic! haha!

Overall, the whole meet and greet experience with her was amazing!!! (Cierra also liked my pic of us on Instagram!) So thank you to Cierra for meeting us and Kwin for the opportunity!!

After the meet and greet we were just out by the stage, which was pretty cool because we didn’t have to go back outside and wait to come in. It was only around 3:45 by that time, so we were super VIP being there before everyone else, haha.

There were a few vendors there selling drinks and food, and Myles had his own booth selling merchandise as well. While we were standing there I saw Myles walking back to the van (I think he had bought a corn dog, lol) so I rushed over to talk to him and get a picture. I was super excited about that, because I didn’t have meet and greets for Myles but had been wanting to meet him. I’ve been listening to Kalin and Myles music for years already, and I also love Myles’ solo music too, so it was awesome!

While we waited for the concert to start, Josh and I decided to sit on the back bleachers and take some photos, haha. The front of the stage was for people who purchased VIP tickets, so we weren’t able to get super close to the stage anyways. So we just sat back and relaxed until it was closer to stage time.

For the concert I wore these dolphin hem twill white shorts, white Converse, a flowy tank that was a gift from Joseph’s sister Sharon, and my new vintage Louis Vuitton Montsouris MM backpack! I love this vintage backpack, I’ve been wanting this bag for soooo long, and I was able to find one in really good condition for a good price! It’s the perfect size, and it’s great to take to events like these where you want to be hands free! I also can’t believe this bag is 16 years old….so crazy!

I also took this awesome photo of Josh too:

The concert was running a little behind, so the show didn’t end up starting until almost 6pm. We were able to get spots near the VIP rail, but it sucked because everyone was standing and pushing. I absolutely hate concerts like that, where there’s no seats to separate rows and people. Thankfully Cierra Ramirez and Myles Parrish performed their sets near the beginning, so afterwards we left that area and began walking around. Those were the only two people I were excited to see perform, and we were tired of standing for hours so after their sets we were done, haha. It was also hard to see with people standing in front of me, and I’m short so it sucked. 🙁

The highlight of Summerfest was definitely meeting Cierra and Myles! Although I had a good time, we ended up leaving early and going to dinner because we were still hungry from barely eating all day, haha.

It was a great day being a fan girl again though, haha!


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