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Show of The Moment: The Fosters Season 5

I’ve always heard about The Fosters show but never watched it. I recently became obsessed with Cierra Ramirez’s (Marianna in The Fosters) single ‘Faded’ feat. Baeza, so when I saw the show on Netflix I decided to try it out. They have seasons 1 through 4 on there, and I watched all 81 episodes in about 3 weeks. Yes, talk about binge watching in the 1st degree, lol! That should probably show you how much I like, no, loveĀ with this show! I finished season 4 right when Season 5 began airing on TV this month, so it was the most perfect timing.

The Fosters is about a lesbian couple who have adopted several teenage children and begin to foster a couple more, Callie and Jude. There is tons of drama; from Callie having feelings for her foster brother, Brandon (my favorite), to the adopted twins drug addict birth mother taking money from them.

The show is well written, funny, sad, dramatic, loving, romantic, and everything in between. Not to mention Jennifer Lopez (yes, JLo) is one of the producers for this show. I feel there is something for everyone in this show, especially if you aren’t familiar with foster kids, because there are kids out there who are fostered. It definitely makes you feel more sympathetic for children like this who don’t have families that can take care of them.

I love the story lines that are included in this show, they definitely keep me at the edge of my seat and I just love the characters. I love Cierra Ramirez (Marianna) and David Lambert (Brandon) in the show so much! All of the actors are great actors and really portray their characters to the fullest. And let me say, I just can’t get over how Brandon has grown on me – he’s so hot!! Jesus is creepin’ up on me as well….swoon….

Of course, the season finales leave cliffhangers, so the first episode of Season 5 was packed with action and surprising twists. I haven’t watched The Fosters Season 5 Episode 2, Exterminate Her, yet, but I will be watching that as soon as I can. This show is only getting better and I highly recommend watching it if you’re looking for a show to start binging on!


Be sure to watch the new Season 5 every Tuesday on Freeform at 8/7 c!

You can also buy any of the seasons on Amazon to watch, and even buy Season 5 and watch as the new episodes release here.



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