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Doll House Princess Home Decor – How To Furnish Your House for Less

It’s here! I promised I would show you guys my new house once I was finished decorating! As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I’ve been busy with my new place and this is why. I basically started from scratch in decorating this house – with decor I’ve always imagined. The image I had in my head was a doll house princess vintage house – with pink accents, tufted sofas, French inspired furniture, and fluffy pillows.

I’m not finished with the entire house yet (I want to redo my entire bedroom with French furniture eventually) so I’ll only be showing the living room and dining room. My house has an open floor plan, so these rooms blend together and are the main focal point of the house. AKA the most important rooms of the house!

Let me tell you, the furniture looks more expensive than it actually is. Well, everything still added up of course, but its not near as much I would have spent if everything was new (and you can’t get half of this stuff new, anyways). Besides the couches and rug, almost everything I purchased was from vintage/antique stores. Where I live, there are several incredible vintage stores that furnished my house….they had the exact furniture and decor I ever imagined! To top it off, all this furniture is high quality material and wood – vintage items were made with quality back then, unlike nowadays. Not only are these items good quality, they are unique! You can’t find most of this stuff at a regular furniture place, that’s for sure! With that being said, purchasing items at vintage stores really saved me a lot of money! Now this is how you decorate your house for cheap!


First off, finding the perfect couch was quite time consuming. It took me over a month to find the ‘perfect couch’. So let me tell you how obsessed I became with these tufted couches when I saw them! These were purchased from Overstock.com, with an amazing price point. They are basically two for the price of one (everywhere else I looked were asking $1300 for one couch). It comes with a full size couch along with a matching love seat. Shoutout to my wonderful mom for being my credit card for these couches, she’s an Overstock enthusiast, haha!

The heart shaped and white square pillows were purchased from Target, and the pink square pillow was from Home Goods. I also purchased blankets to place on top of the cushions so they wouldn’t get dirty easily (and so people’s booties won’t be rubbin’ on my cushions, lol). The white scalloped blanket fits perfectly for the larger sofa, and the quilted pink blanket fits perfect for the love seat sofa. These quilted patched throw blankets from Amazon are actually amazing quality, super cute, and there are several different styles to choose from.

I wanted a vintage/distressed looking rug, and this Safavieh Adirondack Ivory/Rose rug was perfect! I absolutely love the color and design of this rug! They also have different sizes to choose from, and the size I got was 5’1 x 7’6, which was perfect to fit the couch area. I wasn’t looking to spend an outrageous amount of money on a wool rug, but this one has a great price point, and its soft on your bare feet. Although its not plush, it’s a nice area rug to place on your tile or hardwood floors. You can purchase this rug from Amazon or Overstock!

The removable top glass coffee table was part of a 4 table matching set I found at a vintage shop. I believe I got all four tables for around $100! Such an amazing price for a coffee table and three end tables, solid wood with that cute distressed French look!

The little vintage foot stool I also got at a vintage shop for around $18. The coffee table is small to be a foot rest (and I also don’t want people’s feet on it!), so when I saw this foot stool I knew it matched perfectly for the living room! It’s also used more often than I thought! It reminds me of my great grandmother Nanay, who would use a foot stool. I never thought I would have one, but they are surprisingly quite useful. πŸ™‚

For decoration on the coffee table I have a couple of vintage gold trays (IΒ love trays!), some vintage coasters, and a vintage flower decoration. And yes, all found at vintage stores, obvi!

On the end table between the sofas, I have a couple cute decor pieces. Pink coasters from Pier 1 and a reed diffuser from my sister on top of a cute vintage silver tray. I also have a lantern candle holder and Magnolia blooms candle from Pier 1, and also a glass vase with faux pink flowers.

This. pillar. though! I love this decorative pillar, it definitely gives the house that vintage topping! The pillar, vase, and magazine stand were found at vintage shops. I also found the wood house painting at a vintage shop for $9 and the large painting above the fireplace for $8!!! Such a steal, paintings can be over $100 and I can’t believe I found this one for 8 bucks!

This wall is behind the love seat, and basically everything is vintage, haha. The piano painting, faux plant, shelf, and candle holders were found at vintage shops. The pink flower canvas was from DD’s Discounts, and the gold vintage mirror I found on OfferUp for $80.


This little sitting area right here is the space behind the large sofa. I knew I wanted a sitting area right here, because there is a large open space between the living room and dining room. The mirror, candle holders, and tray were found at vintage shops. The table is one from the matching table sets I mentioned earlier, and the chairs are the end chairs for our dining table. Our dining table came with 6 chairs, but the table has a leaf that can be removed to have a smaller table. So on an everyday basis we only have four chairs at the table, so I put the two end chairs with the arms in the sitting area. Better than purchasing two extra sitting area chairs, right?!!

The two picture frames I found at Marshall’s, they are definitely vintage inspired! They are super cute! I change out of photos periodically and right now I haven’t had the chance to replace them with landscape photos I want to put.


I absolutely love this dining table and chairs I was able to find! It took a couple weeks to find the perfect french table and chairs, so when I saw these on Craigslist I knew these were the ones. I drove two hours to pick these up, and it was well worth it! I originally had planned to paint the table white to match the chairs, but after my parents told me the contrast looked good and I shouldn’t paint it, it made me second guess myself. I do like the way it looks as well, but still might paint it white. I’m just really indecisive about it…what should I do?!

I’m in love with how I decorated the table! Of course, these place mats are for ‘looks’, lol! They are cloth and vintage from Etsy, so I definitely don’t want them being stained! The blush colored cloth napkins I purchased from Amazon, the pearl spiral napkin rings are from Bed Bath & Beyond, the heart shaped tea set is from Amazon, and the white lace table runner is also from Amazon. Amazon has some surprisingly great decor pieces you can find on there!

I’m very satisfied with my dining room center piece! The large gold tray, distressed candle holders, and vase were found at vintage stores. The pink flowers are actually made of wood, and I found those at a vintage store as well! The rose champagne candles and gold coasters are both from Pier 1. I love how everything flowed together so perfectly!

And yes, that’s our bottom load Primo water dispenser in the back. We have definitely saved money by not buying water bottles and instead refilling our water jugs every couple weeks. And of course I had to spice it up a bit with a floral arrangement on top from a vintage shop. πŸ™‚

For the large wall of the dining room I put a large canvas painting from DD’s Discounts, a gold vintage mirror as the focal point and vintage shelves along side the mirror. On top of the shelves I placed these 40 cent vases from Big Lots with faux flowers in them. When I had that wall complete, I knew something on the bottom was missing. So when I saw this gorgeous bench at a vintage shop for only $80, I knew it would be perfect for this spot! I’m so obsessed with the bench and how pretty it is, and I definitely want to recover the cushion with a light pink.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post of my house! I hope it inspired you to decorate your next room beautifully ! Home is where the heart is, and if your home is comfy and cute, you will be happy and comfortable! That’s how I feel, and I’m so proud of how I decorated everything. Hmm, maybe I can be a vintage interior designer ? haha! Any updates or changes I will keep you guys posted!!

Be sure to check out where I got any of the items, they will be linked in light pink in this post ! Enjoy and happy home shopping! πŸ™‚




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  1. Channdani jain says:

    Don’t paint the table white !!!contrast is looking so beautiful and after readng this post it’s inspiring me to redecorate my room and getting painting at 8$ N 9 $ wow u got a really good deal 😍😍😍 and lastly that room is looking marvellous 😍😍😍and btw it is looking expensive

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