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Why I Fell in Love With Vintage Shopping

Ever since I moved to a new house about a month and a half ago, I’ve had a major reason to go crazy vintage/antique shopping. This is the first time I’ve been able to decorate my own place my way, with all new furniture and decor that I choose. It’s honestly one of the best feelings being able to do this, and being able to create new ideas and be a part of the design behind home decor! I never knew I would be such a great interior designer, especially a ‘vintage’ interior decorator, haha!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I imagine a design/decor in my head of where I would want a specific piece in the house, then I head out to all the vintage shops I can to make my imagination come true. And 95% of the time it does – with the only places being vintage stores to make it happen. Vintage/antique stores have so many unique, classy items they don’t create in this modern day world, so being able to find pieces that nobody else has is truly special to me (not to mention the amazing prices)!

Being inside these shops are so girly, cute, and inspiring – it has definitely been one of my favorite pastimes lately. I’ve shopped at antique stores quite a few times in the past (like at my Jamestown visit blog post here), but I never had a cute place to decorate with all the amazing items I found.

I finally do now, and almost my whole house is vintage! All the vintage items I purchase basically look new, in perfectly nice, clean condition. It’s amazing it would even be considered ‘used’ or vintage! These items are more sturdy and high quality (which is rare these days) and perfect decorations and knick knacks you can’t find anywhere else.

There are a ton of amazing vintage shops in my area, and many with the cutest backgrounds like in these photos! I had just got done vintage shopping at one of my favorite stores, and it was the perfect weather and area to take some photos! I also love to feel very vintage while shopping, so of course I wore my lace high neck top. I paired it with some distressed jeans and my Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM tote bag, which I have been obsessed with (very comfortable for shopping)!

If you haven’t been vintage shopping, I highly recommend checking it out at least once! Search for one of the cute vintage shops and you’ll probably spend hours there checking out all the unique items. Sometimes I even feel like opening up my own space at a shop to sell vintage items – I know I have a good eye for this stuff! I’ll be posting more updated photos of my house – I’ve gone a long way so far since the last house post!

Do you guys vintage shop? What’s your favorite thing about it?! Let me know in the comments!! 😀


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