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I Moved!!

Hey loves! I apologize for the lack of posts lately, but I have a good reason: I moved!! I’m sure you all know the horrendous moving process and how much you have to deal with! Moving from an apartment into an actual house is completely different, and there’s a lot more steps to take in the process, ie. lawn care, setting up for water/sewer/garbage/electricity, extra furniture, purchasing washer/dryer and refrigerator, and way more to count.

Also for the month of April we were staying at my dads house because our house wasn’t ready yet (which was at first supposed to be only one week), so I had most of my clothes and stuff in storage and wasn’t able to take blog pics or anything! It was very generous of my dad to let us stay at his house, and I was kind of sad when we left – but then super excited when we saw the house!

It’s only about 10-15 minutes away from where I last resided and from my dads house, so I’m happy it’s closer than I imagined it would be. It’s a cute house with a two car garage (I cannot explain how happy I am to finally have a garage!) and Joseph and and my best friend Josh made the other half of the garage into a man cave. Typical guys, right?! I’m just happy Joseph let me decorate the master bedroom however I want, so it’s definitely girly and pink! The house is definitely not close to being done, but I’ll show you guys some sneak peak pics of the place so far. Here is my bathroom:

Of course I have a light pink/blush theme going on, and most of the items are from Kohl’s. I have the Lauren Conrad bathroom line with the tumbler, vanity tray, waste basket, and lotion pump which are too adorable!

My master bathroom includes a separate toilet room and walk in closet (all mine, lol), and a large blush shower which I’m super excited about. The room also has a large sliding door that looks out into the backyard with large gorgeous Redwood trees – all covered with shade so no harsh sun coming through the window in the morning! It’s absolutely beautiful! I’ve literally never appreciated nature so much in my life! (And yes, this photo was taken from inside the room through my slider door!)

Here’s a sneak peak of the kitchen. We just got the stainless steel fridge in a few days ago, which was pretty exciting. It’s a pretty large kitchen with tons of counter space, which our last apartment did not have whatsoever. It also has a bar area (where I need bar stools) that looks out into the living room.

One of my favorite parts about the house is there is no carpet anywhere except in the rooms! I love the gorgeous tile that fills the living room and hallway where I don’t need to worry about staining carpet in the heavy traffic areas. The theme of the living room and dining room I decided to do is shabby chic vintage! More of like a modern vintage style (not like antique scary, lol). I love the look and it’s definitely going well with the living room! Here you can see I’ve already found some amazing vintage end tables and coffee table, with some knick knacks and flowers I found that I will be putting all together soon.

I’ve been obsessing with these vintage shops lately, and have found so many unique items! I literally imagine certain styles and ideas in my head, then head out to the vintage shops and try and find my vision! Most of the time I find exactly what I’m looking for, and its a super satisfying feeling! I may do a ‘How to Vintage Shop’ blog post soon, so stick around for that! 🙂

The living room has a gorgeous fireplace (which is definitely something I wanted in a house), that keeps us nice and toasty at nights. I found the gorgeous gold rimmed painting on top at a vintage store for only $8!! I was searching for a nice gold painting for over a week but I kept seeing pricey $100 frames. So when I saw this photo for only $8 it was basically a steal! It fits perfect with the theme of the room and I’m super satisfied with that look!

I will definitely be showing you guys more photos once everything is finished, and also do a house tour on my Youtube channel, so be sure to subscribe here!

I still have a lot to do with the house! Not only am I still in search for the perfect vintage mirrors, a couch, rug, dining table/chairs, bar stools, etc, I still need a few items for my own room as well! I feel it will be never ending, but I’ve been doing everything at quite a fast pace so I’m hoping I can get it done quickly. 🙂

Our lawn had got super long and ugly the past couple weeks, and today we finally had someone come out and cut it! It felt so weird having to hire a guy to come do the lawn. Having a house is definitely a lot more responsibility, but it’s such a satisfying feeling and I’m so proud of it! I can’t wait to show you guys more!

Also, shout out to my mom for sending my first package to our new place! Yay! (And Sees, I hope to be getting your letter soon, lol.)

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I just wanted to update you on where I’ve been and what a busy bee I’ve been lately! See you soon!

Love you guys!



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  1. Sabrina Nicole says:

    Super cute! <3 can't wait to see the finished look! 😉

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