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Polaroid Princess

Soooooo I finally got the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera! (Yes, the one you’ve been seeing all over Youtube. And Yes, the pink one). I’ve honestly been wanting one of these for a couple years now, ever since my mom got a red one and snapped pictures of us with it. I thought it was a fun and unique way to have some refreshingly real photos. No editing or deleting necessary!

My sister ended up getting the baby blue polaroid camera for Christmas, and a few weeks after that I got my pink one (can you say triplets?!)

Taking photos on the polaroid shows a more intimate time with family and friends and collecting polaroid pictures makes great decor! I got this heart pinboard at Target which I am using to pin polaroid pictures on! It’s the cutest thing to hang on the wall with photos of the people I’m closest to!

Polaroid pics can also be a fun creative outlet by taking photos and making collages, posters, framing, and more! Just the thought of taking a photo and having it develop in front of your eyes is just exciting! No need to get the photos printed, as they print right then and there!

Film may get expensive if you take tons of photos, but I did purchase a 2 pack at Best Buy for only $14.99 (for a total of 20 sheets aka 20 photos!)


I knew I would be traveling with this camera, so I decided to purchase a case/cover for it! The one I purchased was a littler pricier than the main one they have listed on Amazon, but I heard the main case is not the same shade of pink (which would definitely bug me!) So I did purchase the Hello Helio Pink Polaroid Case and it’s the exact same shade as the camera! It comes with a removable long strap and removable top cover so you can take photos with the case still on. It also contains a small interior pocket to hold a few photos in! I’ve been a great travel case and looks super cute combined with my Polaroid camera! 🙂


Do you have the Polaroid camera too?! What different ways have you been using the photos? Decor? Framed? Photobook? Scattered? Let me know in the comments below!



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*This post is not sponsored! Just love my new camera!


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